Manic Sheep

by Manic Sheep

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Walking on the Street I felt bored and sick Nothing turns me on Maybe everything was gone I can't find enough love Just got a rolled cigarette The mess we are making that don't go anywhere He felt like he lost in space, all the wishes fall into well Oh I didn't feel so well, till the rain pissing down on me It's a time to say goodbye, Oh it's true It's a time to close my eyes, I'll get by
La La La 05:15
I , come to here, sitting down, looking around You, on the stage, looking at me, then I feel like Lalalala, she doesn't like me Lalalala, she don't look at me Lalalala, but I don't want you Lalalala, but I don't want you
I just tried to let you get out my life 看見你以後一切都打破 放大自私無知愚昧妄我 不尊重別人的眼睛耳朵 I just tried to let you get out my life 喧囂著無濟於事的囉唆 偽裝承受害者擅於勒索 對你都沒有錯你都沒有錯 你的樣子扭捏又做作 難以直視又無法閃躲 手舞足蹈不停的發抖 說的做的通通都不同
Broken 04:02
天將亮還未亮的時間 還有誰會站在我的身邊 當街燈都已經熄滅充斥因敷衍而說的謊言 就算赤裸裸在我的眼前 什麼都看不見 Confusions around around around me I don't know what I can really believe since the day i started to believe oh, my heart is falling apart oh, you make me wonder wonder oh, my heart is falling apart oh, you heard it break, you heard it breake
Lily 04:44
Oh darling I love you 你奔跑的速度,眼睛看不清楚 Tell me what should I do 初晞時的溫度,我迷失的程度 Oh darling I love you 微風輕輕吹拂 金黃色好眩目 Tell me what should I do 謝謝你陪伴我 拭去我的無助 I really miss you Talk to me, in my dream
Rush City 02:06
往下墮落的原因 全是藉口 你看不清楚過往 我倒沒忘 I don't care, what you said but you're not innocent you lie, you choke the rules we trust
Sick Lover 03:46
Don't pull me out of the depression let my tear roll in the deep until I fall into hell it’s definite that you killed me After those wonderful days, how can you treat me so bad, this is a chasing game, sick lover, sick lover, sick lover [Chorus] Pierce the veil, behind the mist What's the answer, how you think Rain was dropping, heart stop burring Trust me, you have to trust me Tried to stop all my funny actions And the thought run around my mind, But something is here, can not erased and it's unremovable. Need to calm down without love. Forcing myself to leave before you gone. Last goodbye, my lovely gamer, sick lover, sick lover, sick lover.
想不起來確切的日子 到底是哪一天 凌晨寂寞無事可做 沉溺在他的視線 懵懂無知的我 被那雙手拖進了深淵 一次兩次三次 等待浪費了好多時間 他說過的話 他看我的樣子 或許都只是在敷衍 我假裝無視 我喜歡的故事 都不存在這個世界 他總在我看見他的 瞬間就消失不見 電腦屏幕桌上水杯 一起變成了碎片 真實的人生 毀在我無限擴張的幻覺 吞噬掉我吞噬一切 最後全部都毀滅 He likes me, he likes me, I felt he likes me Finally, he proved I think too much Let me down, he always let me down So I decide to shut me back into my cage
Walk in to XXXXX, the place is so small, but I feel so full Walk out to XXXXX, you asked me why I'm here, pretend you're singe Our love is miserable Take me to your home I won't let you go


released December 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Manic Sheep Taiwan

Manic Sheep is an indie-rock band from Taipei, Taiwan. We incorporate a wide range of genres, shoegaze and noise rock. Our second album"Brooklyn" is going to release in November 2016.

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